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Battle of Kucuk Kuke The Battle of Kucuk Kuke was fought in 1395. The Sultanate of Rum was fighting against the Ottoman Empire. At the battle, two Ottoman sultans Mehmed I and Orhan I were defeated by Murat I, and his forces entered Adana. The details of the battle In 1394, Rum sultan Murat I marched against his brother Yalavach-Tahir, and his nephew Oruç-Kavak, who had invaded Ottoman territories. While approaching the capital of the Ottoman Empire, Rumeli, Murat I sent a spy to the nearby town of Kucuk Kuke, where his brother Tahir was in charge of the city. As the spy moved through the town, he was caught by local peasants and handed over to the Turks. Kucuk Kuke was the border town where Rum and Ottoman territories were joined by a bridge, and Murat I asked the local Turks to capture and bring to him a spy who was passing through the town. It was a common practice in the Sultanate of Rum to have spies on the move, and whenever they passed through a border town, they were captured and sent to the capital as proof of the border's security. Mehmed Tahir is said to have ordered his men to give a warm welcome to the spy, and that he should be released. The people in Kucuk Kuke told the people in Rumeli that a spy was passing through the town and demanded that the enemy spy be handed over to them. They were in fact told by the spies that they were not Turks, and were not Ottoman spies, and that they were passing through the town by order of the sultan of Rum. The Kucuk Kuke people handed the spy over to the Rumeli's army, and as soon as they saw the spy, they knew that he was a spy. However, they were not informed about the purpose of the spy's mission and they thought that he was an enemy spy from the Empire of Rum, and reported the incident to the sultan of Rum. Rumeli armies were marching toward Kucuk Kuke, and the people of the town were preparing to resist the invasion. The sultan of Rum sent his brother and his nephew to resist the invasion. Mehmed Tahir sent his nephew Orhan from the town of Aydin, who was sent to Kucuk Kuke to reinforce the army there.



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