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Teaching Methodology and Good Practices in the Primary School

The Stake

The learning process can be effective as long as it is systematically organized based on psychology findings, special requirements of each cognitive field and children’s needs. The course and technique of teaching methodology follows a total of principles consistent with a philosophy or theory. Given that there is not a generally accepted theory of learning, the teaching methodology level show some variations.

Learning cannot be based on curricula organized exclusively according to the various cognitive fields. Children must develop key competences that will enable them to build a positive attitude toward learning so that they acquire a culture of learning and development throughout their entire life.

The effective teachers can choose one or/and combine more teaching methods even in the same subject in order to achieve Success Indicators and Proficiency Indicators set prior to designing and planning each subject to be taught. All students’ activation is achievable when the teacher allows activity alteration and task differentiation so that it is feasible and interesting to perform even when students have different abilities. This course offers a wide range of activities which teachers can directly implement toward children’s identity, autonomy and social skills development.

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