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Διδακτική Νηπιαγωγείου


face to face & e-learning


Methodological Approach and Good Practices in the Kindergarten

The Stake

Learning cannot be based on curricula exclusively designed according to the various cognitive fields. Children must develop key competences that will enable them to build a positive attitude toward learning so that they acquire a culture of learning and development throughout their entire life.

Organizing the learning process is a complex task and the responsibility of the Kindergarten teacher. Organized activities are designed in such a way so that children have the possibility to process systematically and in-depth new information, concepts and skills. They usually follow non-formal interactions and procedures stemming from games or routines (e.g. children’s emerging interests, questions or considerations). This course offers a wide range of activities which teachers can directly implement toward children’s identity, autonomy and social skills development.

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