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Pet Sitting & Pet Walking


face-to-face & e-learning


The course focuses on gradual learning of techniques that enable the professional to train in pet sitting and dog walking. The course acquires a different perspective through communication and marketing lessons so that the dog walker – pet sitter dynamically integrates into labor market. The trainee can develop all necessary practical and communicative skills in order to be able to understand the owner and dog needs. Patience, love for pet dogs and willingness are undoubtedly the key to a successful course. Upon completion of the course, the trainee is able to handle one, or small groups of pet dogs, during walking, to evaluate their behavior and offer quality service when owners are on holidays, professional trips or are unable to take care of their dogs for certain periods of time. The dog walker – pet sitter role acquires a new dimension, as professionalism and expertise contribute to dog satisfaction and less stress levels.

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