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Κατάρτιση στη Φύλαξη Μουσείων και Αρχαιολογικών Χώρων




The course qualifies participants in the basic principles of museum and archeological sites security, artifacts gentle management as well as basic elements of museology. This means that trainees develop an array of skills in how to protect monuments, archeological findings, works of art, cultural goods, collections, exhibits and museum and archeological site heritage in general, from actions that put their integrity at risk or from the possibility of full or partial loss. Besides, they supervise the space during opening hours and are responsible for applying visit regulations based on politeness and discreetness. They also take care of visitor safe staying and touring and museum and archeological site smooth operation. Supervising exhibition halls means maintaining order, quietness and cleanliness as well as accident prevention. They monitor visitor flow among halls so that halls are not overcrowded resulting in visitor problems when moving around or exhibit potential risks. They are also responsible for welcoming, receiving and servicing visitors at the cloakroom, souvenir shop, exhibition areas, luggage monitoring, handing out brochures or giving information about museum or archeological site operation and assisting visitors to find their way in it.

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