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Φροντιστής - Βοηθός Κτηνιάτρου Ζώων Συντροφιάς


face-to-face & e-learning


The course seeks to provide useful knowledge and skills to trainees who wish to work as assistants in the veterinary field. To this end, they are introduced to secretary task support, customer – pet owner reception, retail tasks (pharmacy – pet shop), space hygiene, pet beautification and nursing support. In case of the veterinary’s absence, the Veterinary Assistants are responsible for first aid in emergencies following the veterinary’s telephone guidelines. This is a one-year course (2 semesters). Subjects are connected to veterinary studies, so that the trainee acquires mostly practical knowledge. This is the only certified course by the British Innovate Awarding Body by which trainees are certified upon their request.

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