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Pet Grooming


face-to-face & e-learning


The course aims to support trainees in developing proper skills for pet grooming as a result of the increasing demand for practitioners with theoretical and practical knowledge in pet care, grooming and beautification. A professional groomer can ensure the proper dog or cat grooming, being aware of the characteristic features of each race (race morphology, hair quality), preparation and overall care prior to grooming, pet handling (pet approaching based on their particular behavior and health conditions), equipment and techniques proper use, haircutting, bathing, rinsing off and drying. They can also predict potential health problems such as ear infections, skin anomalies or teeth attrition that could cause life-threatening health problems to pets. The course is both theoretical and practical and the trainee acquires knowledge on dog races in order to choose suitable haircuts along with bathing and care. Knowledge on the basic principles of pet anatomy, physiology, hygiene and psychology is important to graduates’ high standard qualification as groomers in pet shops, dog hair salons, animal shelters or running their own business.

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